From the Ashes

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From the Ashes

Post  Zarik Roman on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:33 pm

Friends and Travellers,

First I must convey my deepest apologies as the High House became a back burner topic for myself and the High Council alike. My concern for the Kingdom of Duros has risen greatly over the past months as I saw our House in disarray. Many thrived while many were ignored and eventually forgotten. My arrogance and lack of priority played a large role in this.

Yet, from destruction comes an opportunity to rebuild and as I see what lies ahead I see much opportunity. I ask that all Duros once again come together and create for ourselves a Kingdom in which we can all thrive. I will make the effort to build from the ashes and I ask that all duros strive to do the same.

Today is the day that a Kingdom of Duros rise and claim liberty and to build what we deserve, a home.

Renek Zarik Roman
High King of the Duros High House

Zarik Roman

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